mBed default UART

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if you guys can help me out with the default UART device for the mbed_lpc1768 board, to see printf and puts outputs in a serial client like putty.

I tried all pins (9/10/13/14/27/28) with several baudrates withouht success. Is there any other action I need to do before this works?

Thanks in advance, Tiago C

Read the periph_conf.h file of your board and you’ll find the required pins: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/blob/master/boards/mbed_lpc1768/include/periph_conf.h



For this board, I think the default UART for stdio is available directly via the USB port. You just need to open /dev/ttyACM0 (on Linux) at 115200baud.


Thank you for your answers,

I still can’t see printf output.

If I use uart_stdio_write() instead, it works with both LPC_UART0 or LPC_UART3.

Any other hints?



If I use fflush(stdout) after a printf it works. Can this be avoided?