maximum execution time / regular reset


thanks for this great piece of software.

After testing around on a STM32F3-Discovery I now made my own hardware based on a STM32F030C8 for a student project at university. With this I tried to get some basic tests working.

My first problem was that the CPU does not have any 32-bit timers. With the 16-bit timers I hardly got the hwtimer working. My first problem was/is, that the hwtimer is much too fast if HWTIMER_SPEED is getting higher than HWTIMER_MAXTICKS. I "solved" this problem by using a prescaler and speed such that:   HWTIMER_SPEED < HWTIMER_MAXTICKS

But now I have another serious problem: The execution of my program's main is aborted after 3 seconds and the CPU resets. The time depends (linearly) on the prescaler for the timer. If I double the Prescaler, the execution time doubles. But I can't find a reason why the system should be reset depending on the hwtimer.

The CPU's watchdog is disabled. Is there anything like a "RIOT internal watchdog" or does anyone have another idea where my mistake could be?

Thanks, Michael