Manipulate CPU Register on samr21-xpro

Hello guys,

I'm using some samr21-xpro boards and the output radio power of the modul is very strong. I want to reduce the power a little bit. The datasheet ([1], Page 979 - 980) says, I have to manipulate register "PHY_TX_PWR" (Address 0x5).

Does anyone have an idea how the implementation looks like in C.

[1]: Datasheet:

Hello Oliver,

For that purpose you can use the `at86rf2xx_set_txpower` function [1] (if you are using the raw radio) or use the netdev interface (`set` [2] function with NETOPT_TX_POWER netopt).

If you are using GNRC, you can use `netapi` to set the TX power on a given interface(check e.g this [3])

Cheers, José

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