makefile: info boards supported

Hello all,

I've been using the `make info-boards-supported` command for a RIOT related project. I need to show all supported boards for an application (examples, etc).

The problem I've found is the fact that `info-boards-supported` shows boards tagged by BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY (so, in theory they can be compiled but strictly speaking they won't be supported by the board).

I know Murdock is currently using this command to compile all examples (and prevent linking them if they don't fit in the board). Would make sense to add another command that shows all boards that are (compile+flash) supported? I somehow feels "info-boards-supported" is misleading, but changing the name might be extra work since it's used by Murdock.

Comments? :wink:



Hi Jose,

for me it still makes sense to have commands to say "is it hardware supported" and a different one for "the board have enough memory when compiled in the reference environment".

The first one is a hard constraint and should never change (except by adding hardware support implementation), so it is really boards supported. The second one is a soft constraint, it can change if the RIOT version string is not set to a fixed string like in CI and gets longer, you change a compile flag, if your gcc version is different, if you compile with DEVELHELP=1 or if you modify code in the main.c. It is mainly an information for CI

So I would like to keep both.

There is already a trick to have access to the list of supported boards by using the debug command `make info-debug-variable-BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY`. A dedicated command could be added for this. I would even filter it with `BOARDS` if the variable is set.

But adding also a summary command could be useful for your need.

In my usage when testing, I mainly need to know "is my board supported", and then "has my board enough memory" and do not care about other boards so I set `BOARDS=my_board` for the `info-boards-supported` target. I may also add dedicated commands for this instead of checking if my board is in the output.