Mailing list mode


opening a topic to test mailing list mode. it took while to find it (or all user preference that is):

  1. click on my initial top right corner
  2. click one my username
  3. there it is! :slight_smile:


Ok, I think I’m only getting mails from others. @bergzand could you reply?

There’s a setting to get an email for every mail. Trying with this topic.

I’m not yet sure if this is supposed to work like the classic mailman style mailing list or more like how github works (not mailing your own posts). This bit from Mozilla (also using discourse) might help.

I got all your posts as individual emails in my inbox though :slight_smile:

Replying in the email client to this doesn’t work yet, that’s not yet configured on the mail server and that will probably take a bit more effort from Oleg’s side.

I’ve enabled “send all mails (even your own) (approx 2 per day)”, let’s see what happens now.

I’ve changed myself to “watching” for this thread, maybe that triggers something :confused:

This works for me. Not sure if the “tracking” or “watching” matters, requires some more testing.

I fiddled a bit with the mailing settings, could cause some issues.

It is working fairly well for me now, I also receive an email for my own post. Will try to verify my own settings later and post what works and what doesn’t.

Does it thread nicely when I reply to an intermediate post?

Didn’t cause any issues btw

Your intermediate post was in the same list as the others. I’m replying now (using reply button under that post), let’s see.

Reply to intermediate post showed up at bottom of list, but the rederence was set so the button top right of the reply points back to the original post.

watching my mailserver log now

found my mails, my mail server sorted the list correctly, but thunderbird doesn’t show new IMAP folders automatically…

Mails are in quite ugly HTML, though!

Let’s see how quoting looks…

they come with a plaintext MIME part.

in the plain-text email, not very nice.