LWM2M client on RIOT

I'm interested in making work a LWM2M client on RIOT, I have a project in my mind.
For the moment the only solution I found to make it work on RIOT was to "translate" the client of leshan from java to c but that seems like a very complicated things, do you have any other ideas?
In a comment of 15. July 2014 you wrote that you didn't yet have any LWM2M implementation running in RIOT, but that was on your TODO list, is there some updates about that?
Thank you, regards,

Hi Roberto,

You should have a look at Wakaama, rather than Leshan. It is a C implementation of LwM2M. See https://github.com/eclipse/wakaama . If you have any question on Wakaama, the developer’s mailing list is at https://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/wakaama-dev AFAIK there will be a Google Summer of Code project to help with porting LwM2M to RIOT (hopefully using Wakaama) so you might want to follow that too (a quick search in the archives of the mailing lists will give you more info on the people involved).

Cheers, Benjamin –

Wakaama should run on RIOT, it’s already running on Arduino & mbed.

For the security layer (DTLS) you can also use tinydtls (http://tinydtls.sf.net)

Hi Julien!

Wakaama should run on RIOT, it's already running on Arduino & mbed.

Out of curiosity: since neither Arduino nor mbed are OS', providing a network stack, what are you using for all the lower layers (CoAP, IPv6, 6lowpan...)?

Cheers, Oleg

Hi Roberto,

we will be porting LWM2M to RIOT as a GSOC project this summer.

Cheers, Hauke

Hi, for android it’s using the IP stack from the wiznet chip and for mbed you have a lwip lib ready to use.

Both are using ethernet connectivity (IPv4).

android => arduino