Low-power WAN

Hi everyone,

while so far most of us here are interested in shorter range radios (as far as I know), there is this recent push towards low-power long-range technologies of various types. I stumbled over this blunt, high-level survey [1] of the current state of affairs in that domain, I thought it might be relevant to share here.

One question: is anyone working with some such wireless technology with RIOT, or planning to in the near future?



[1] http://www.eejournal.com/archives/articles/20150907-lpwa/



Thanks for sharing the article.

We are always looking for lower power and longer range. I'm sure we'll be doing something in this area soon.

Jon Pattison Kubos Corporation


I used to play around with subghz soc ADUCRF101 from Analog device, which gives much longer range compare to 2.4Ghz. For me, this SoC shows value in some area, say, farm. It actually does not belong to some protocols listed in article cited by Prof Emmanuel, it can run conventional 6lowpan. ADUCRF101 powered with cortex m3, then not so hard to run with RIOT.

Attilio Donà mentioned that he is porting the recent CC1310 from TI. Lets invite him to declare here :).


Hi All, Hi Dinh [ thanks for the citation :slight_smile: ]

To be precise I’m not yet porting RIOT to cc1310 … nevertheless I’m very interested into the cc13xx new chips family and I’m trying to evaluate this first part in detail.

ciao Attilio