low power api


I have been developing an application that sends coap packets (usign gcoap) every time a pin ISR is triggered. I have been stressing the network a lot sending packets every 10 ms. After a lot of packets (around 5000) have been transmitted I get this error from gnrc:

“ipv6: error determining next hop’s link layer address”

Which comes from calling “gnrc_sixlowpan_nd_next_hop_l2addr”. Any idea why this could be happening?. Once this happens it never manages to send another packet, packets are dropped at gnrc_ipv6 layer. The amount of packets around which this error occurs is relative and the transmission cycle I chose is small just to trigger the error earlier.

Thanks in advance for any help, cheers



Hi Francisco,

could you please explain your setup in more detail, specifically what IPv6 addresses do you use, are they link-local (fe80::), global scope, or ULA (fd::)?

Further, do you use 2 RIOT nodes (maybe one as a boarder router), or one RIOT node and a RaspberryPi with Linux on the other side?

Just for reference, your issue could be related to one of the following known issues:

- https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/issues/5122 - https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/issues/5467