low power api (smlng)


Answering your @smlng question the issue does seem related to the issues you mentioned. About my setup:

  • RasPi with openlabs transceiver acts as boarder router running radvd advertising an IPv6 prefix (2001:dead:beef:../64)
  • RIOT node using gnrc_ipv6_default) (same as in #5467)
  • RIOT nodes generate a (global) IPv6 address using the prefix in the RA send by RasPi+radvd So looking at #5467 it looks like the same issue, does that mean that using gnrc_ipv6_router_default is a possible workaround? Cheers,


PD: I realized I wrote a wrong subject, I got mixed up about another question I was going to write; should be “gnrc lost next hop l2addr”.