lorawan in riot

Dear all, I’d like to know if the support of lorawan on sx1272/1276 modems in riot os is already available? I’d be happy to test it and probably contribute if i can(i’m new to riot and have some experience with contiki though). I’m planning to use nucleof476rg as baseboard. I’ve not selected any lora shield to use with, would be happy if you recommend one. otherwise I shall use SX1276MB1MAS**.**

thanks in advance, Arun

Hi Arun,

as already stated off-list: welcome to RIOT! Happy to see more interest on that topic. There is a WIP PR for LoRaWAN


*but* we still didn't merge the Semtech drivers, even though we are close before IMO. In case you want to contribute it would be great to get more testers for the drivers at first


and then switch to the LoRaWAN development. Regarding hardware I guess SX1276MB1MAS is a good choice. The driver does also support SX1272 devices so the P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 shield by ST might be a cheaper solution. There are also several custom replica around which are way cheaper.

Best Peter

Hi Peter, Thanks for pointer to the PRs. I understand that the sx127x driver has higher priority. Any pointers or docs to the test environment or the setup? so that I shall start using/testing it soon.

PS: I have access to Kerlink base station.

thanks, Arun

Hi Arun,

Thanks for you interest in RIOT and LoRa.

Hi Alex,

I’ll be experimenting with compression techniques at the network layer and above (comparable to 6lo) for lpwa networks. So my look was for a lpwa device with full network stack. I see RIOT seems to satisfy all the components (though radio ones are in testing stages) for the experiment. I think i’ll have to read more about GNRC and netdev to understand the suitability for my experiment.

thanks, Arun