List of development boards, filtered by communication protocols

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my question. Is there a list of development boards RIOT supports that can be filtered by the low power network protocols the board supports?

As an example, it is tedious to look at this list and determine which board supports a network that can run the Thread or BLE protocol. For context, I’m working on a project that needs to multicast from an IoT device to a group of Raspberry Pi.

If there isn’t such a list can you recommend the board(s) that support a low power network that run a multicasting protocol.

That is a very good question and no, not that I am aware of it. Might be a useful feature though. So, Thread is just 802.15.4 on the lower level. So any board with it should be able to run Thread. As long as you have enough memory, of course.

So, candidates would be: nRF52840, CC2538DK, cc1350-launchpad, e180-zg120b-tb

BLE would be: CC2650, nRF52840, nRF52832, frdm-k22f

For BLE I can tell you that the nRF52832 and nRF52840 are well supported. They also support IPv6 over BLE. Not sure, if the other board/chips are supported. I probably also missed some board/chips. So that isn’t a complete list.

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Mind you that there is no radio driver yet for cc1350 and efr32 (for the latter there is an open PR) and OpenThread is only hooked up for a subset of the existing drivers (although adding new ones is pretty straightforward).

BLE is currently only supported for Nordic SoCs.

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That would also make it quite complicated to filter for. Technically the boards have it, but when it isn’t supported, it is not very helpful to show it. In case we would have a list. Thanks for the clarification.