Lifting the 50 characters commit first line limit?

[Refactoring the nRF520 mega-PR to follow the standards...]

I guess this has been bashed to death, but I am annoyed.

With long paths, the 50 characters limit on the first line of the commit message makes it impossible to have any meaningful explanation of what the commit actually does. Actually, the limitation makes the commit messages unintelligible.

_Any_ change of increasing the limit to e.g. 72 characters?


Hi Pekka,

the 50 chars is just the warning bound. You can go up to 70 until the commit message check fails on you. Longer will make GitHub break the commit message in the webview with the dreaded […] ;-).

My usual approach is to boil down the summary to the bare minimum within these constraints (even using just the module name instead of the full path) and go into details in the following lines of the commit message.

Regards, Martine

+1 what Martine wrote.

(I was composing a similar message when you beat me to it) /Joakim

Den ons 10 okt. 2018 08:51Martine Lenders <> skrev:

Martine and I discussed this over a PR a few months ago. The outcome was to update the Good Pull Request wiki page [1], which basically says what has just been discussed on this thread. Good to spread the word and share the link. :slight_smile:



Thanks Martine and all!

My memory is bad. Now that I saw your answer, Martine, I remembered that I have asked about this before, in some other forum, and have got the same answer. But I didn’t remember it.

That is, Travis tricked me again.

If possible, it would be very nice if Travis (and make static-test) was changed so that I won’t get tricked again and won’t again start doing work which is not needed.

In more precise terms, could the string

Commit message is longer than 50 characters:

be changed to

Warning: Commit message is longer than 50 characters (but still < 70 characters):

Had there been at least that one more word, “Warning:”, this whole noise would not have taken place.


Hi Pekka,

feel free to change the check script [1] to whatever is most comfortable to you :slight_smile: (sorry today I’m very busy so I can’t do it myself; but I’m happy to review it once ready).

Regards, Martine


Hi Martin,