Have you looked into as a potential replacement for newlibc? It is posix compliant, significantly higher code quality and very active. There is very little assembler, and usually a C fallback for everything. The only downside is that the author is generally leaning towards linux-only, so a fork may be necessary to run it on other OSes. It should be super simple to maintain tho, since everything is modular. The makesystem is make (weee).

And thumbs up for the talk at the IoT meetup.

best, Arvid

Hi Arvid,

thanks for the tip, looks quite promising indeed. Especially since it is actively maintained. \o/ I think we will definitely take a look at musl-libc to evaluate how much work would be necessary to adopt it for RIOT. Although we initially where looking for a libc we wouldn't have to maintain ourselves but those seem to be rare.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

Best, Thomas