Keeping MSP-430 alive

I think this can be said for MSP-430 in general. So should we drop support for it altogether (and thus also 16-bit platforms—we still have 8-bit support though)? The only boards remaining after the CC2420 removal would be the MSB-430 variants. I guess only @maribu has access to that, maybe some are still flying around at FU…

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If you really want to, you can still get some eval boards and even TelosB (for an outrageous price).

We only have MSB-A2 and MSB-IoT boards at Magdeburg.

I have two MSP-EXP430FR5994 LaunchPad dev boards at home, as I was told that Inria was working on RIOT support for them. I tried to get hands on one of the supported MSP430 boards, but none of them are easy to get… If no one has them and no one can get them, we really should consider deprecating them.

But I would love to see support for one new MSP-430 board that can be obtained first to not drop the platform altogether. (How about the MSP-EXP430FR5994 since Inria already started to work on them?)

If we don’t drop the platform, keeping support for the boards should be the least hassle if they are still useful to some.

Someone from Inria did start working on this a while ago, but his contract ended 2 years ago, and this work was never taken over. So there is no one working at Inria on this ATM, AFAIK this PR is the only work so far.

@Kaspar you mention a branch of yours in that. Any chance that could be revived?

Sure! The branch compiles (well, compiled back then), but I don’t have the hardware to continue.