Hi all,

I would like to know if people developing over the RIOT OS have been working with the JTAG interface for code debugging. How easy is it to setup JTAG debugging for RIOT running on a certain platform? I am planning to use the STM32F4Discovery platform. Has anyone used JTAG debugging for the STM32F4Discovery platform in particular? Or other platforms?



Hi Adeel, I use the JTAG interface regularly, not with the STM32F4Discovery though, but with the IoT-Lab M3 and samr21-xpro. However, we try to keep the usage as uniform as possible, so since for most JTAG-supporting platforms the debug target with OpenOCD is defined, it should run rather smoothly: Just compile with CFLAGS_OPT="-Og" (if your debugger supports this, otherwise use "-O0") and `make flash`. `make debug` then starts the OpenOCD debug server and a GDB instance in one go.

Regards, Martine