Jimini Board support announcement

Hello All,

I’m happy to announce the support of a new board develop at the IAS of the RWTH Aachen. The initial PR is ongoing, it will be followed by driver and module PRs soon. Have a closer look at the wiki page to get an overview and insight of our development state.

A quick status: we have a working link to an RPI3 which has a Atmel transceiver board from Openlabs connected. It works as boarder router running radvd. As we are facing the problem of global IP drop as described in issue #5790 we decided to start pushing what we got, to also avoid parallel implementation.

While I was at it I did some changes to the wiki which a want to announce as it is proposed in the howto’s.

  • The addition of support for the Jimini board. Wiki page is added, PR is ongoing .


  • Minor changes to the wiki page eclipse added 7. Code convention configuration also provided an eclipse code style convention to import. (checks, amendment or improvement welcome)


  • sidebar changed to level structured Family/ Board layout to increase overview. (comments welcome) and added Jimini Board to ATmega family


  • Tabular for supported platforms, Minor changes to line break in tabular and consistency of Family Name


  • Added link to development procedure as tip under the porting guide


Thank you all for working on Riot.

Especially all who help working through the PRs.

Best regards,

Josua Arndt


Dear Josua,