Is Riot best fit for WSN or IoT

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Currently I am working on an academic paper that address Riot ( I also published one recently.). I am trying to address Riot as either an IoT os or WSN os. However, recently I can see that it is more shifted to IoT.

By the way, I worked on Riot before using ESP32 and the thing is , I addressed most of my work as Riot is an Operating System and I used ESP32 with IEEE 802.11 antenna. However, it can be used with an IEEE 802.15.4 antenna. So, can we say that we can turn it to an WSN paradigm using IEEE 802.15.4 antenna? Or there is more just changing the radio hardware.

(P.S In literature, WSN and IoT OS’es definitions are really tangled and I am trying to find the best definition to differentiate.)

I actually see this IoT term more as an bullshit bingo word than actually important for people working on it. Just use it in marketing and people want to be part of it. IoT just means: Connect your embedded and constrained stuff in some way to the internet. It doesn't necessary mean that every sensor gets an IP address. So, if you will so: RIOT can be both. If you want to have your private WSN, you can do it as well as your public accessible constrained device. It's still a complicated topic to integrate it with your existing IP networks though.

Yes, you can use a 868 Mhz optimized antenna on 2.4 Ghz as well, but the impedance of the antenna will be really bad on this frequency. So, you shouldn't do it. For test purposes it should be fine though. Or are you talking about IEEE802.15.4 on 2.4 Ghz? If you just want to switch the protocol, but not the frequency this is completely fine. The antennas are optimized for frequencies not for protocols. There are a lot of good articles about antenna theory online.

hi don't get confused with the standards and frequencies... there is no such thing as a 15.4 antenna - there are several frequencies that can be used (sub-GHz with maybe one antenna and all 2.4GHz on another antenna)

As for is Riot an IoT or a WSN OS? I would say it is both. I usually say anything using full-IP is IoT, previous WSNs and things like LoraWAN don't use IP but if they're very cloud-linked they're typically classed as IoT. I agree it is all very confusing - as most groups chasing IoT funding use the term IoT :wink:

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Dear Kirk,

Thanks for your answer, it makes it more clear to me to understand both concepts.

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