Is 802.15.4 supported on the cc2650 LaunchPad XL?

I see there is board support for this kit, but looking through the source and examples it does not look like RIOT supports the 802.15.4 features. All of the 802.15.4 tests do not name this board as an allowed target (the only TI board on these lists is the cc2538dk).

Is this correct or am I missing something?

Yes indeed, there is no driver for the cc26x0_cc13x0 radio yet.

There is a driver in the works for the radio on cc26x2_cc13x2, maybe it can serve as a start? (Although mind you that the new chip is a 802.15.4-2012g device, so it will have some differnces).

I have a branch on which I had the 802.15.4 radio running for a custom cc2650 board. But, that branch is more than four years old, I didnā€™t have the time back then to upstream the driver.

Maybe it helps!

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