IPv6 NDP router advertisement from global address


My nodes are getting “invalid” router advertisements a whole lot, and falling out here which is causing a severe decrease in mesh reliability.

Specifically, it is the first check: the IPv6 source address is not link local. (And I have verified that with a sniffer, the packets contain a full 128-bit inlined global address). I don’t know the standards well enough to know who is at fault here, but I reckon either the sender or the receiver must be wrong :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if this requirement is true? That router advertisements in response to router solicitations must contain link-local source addresses? Incidentally, the node responding is one link away, so it could have used a link-local address, it just chose not to.

Thanks again for your help Michael

Hi Michael, would it be possible for you to open an issue for that on GitHub (preferably with a sniffer dump)? Currently I’m short of time to look into it, but later on I could / someone else could bite there teeth into it.

Cheers, Martine