IoTivity pkg for RIOT

Dear all, I have created a Pkg that allows to use IoTivity on RIOT easily. It is based on IoTivity-constrained[1]. This version of IoTivity is designed for constrained nodes and it contains also the glue code for RIOT. The pkg can be included like other pkgs (e.g. microcoap, etc).

It is available here[2].

In particular under:

  • /pkg/iotivity : there are makefiles of the pkg
  • /examples/iotivity-examples : there are some working examples (with a brief tutorial)

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Cheers, Mattia Antonini

p.s. before to submit the PR, I have to understand if there are or not some issue from the licensing point of view.

[1] [2]

Hi Mattia,

I would say: make the PR and we will feedback then. Two comments at first sight, though:

  • to remain clean, Apache licensed files should not be PRed directly to be located in the RIOT/example/ Instead, can’t you pull them (+ whatever you need) along with your pkg?

  • the files you wrote should be licensed such as for instance see header of [1] just replace your name and affiliation.