hello I’ am Doni Pradana, i’am student , and i from indonesia… I interest using RIOT OS in my project, i wiil build a wireless sensor network with 6lowpan based using RIOT OS my question is, how to strated with RIOT OS and how to programming using RIOT?? can you tell step by step using RIOT?? i was read article about RIOT, and do not understand about this…

honestly, my promamming not fruently :grin::grin:


Hi Doni, A lot of what you asked for can be found in our documentation [1]. For an introduction of how to use an existing application you can read [2]. To create an application there is this page [3] and to create a module (a new functionality for RIOT), there is also information on this [4]. If you have further questions about the process you can always ask here.

Hope this was helpful, Martine


[2] [3] [4]