IoT goes UMTS

Dear reading IoTlers,

I've just come across this new kickstarter project from Spark IO:

Sounds pretty cool to me, but not convincingly cheap and until October is still a long time. So, I wonder if there are no other boards already available which might offer a similar hardware: Cortex-M + GSM/UMTS modem. Anyone with any hints?

Cheers, Oleg

Hello Oleg,

Not a Cortex but ARM7EJ-S, and no UMTS but only GSM, but Open Source and aimed to cost only 20$: (I mentioned this board previously on other occasions).

Cheers, Martine

Hi Oleg

interesting. Concerning IoT “network operators”, here’s something I came across recently, that is related: SIGFOX [1]. They use 868MHz band in Europe (and 900 band in the US), and rent space in cell towers (just like mobile network operators using GSM/UMTS etc.) to connect IoT devices to the Internet. Here’s an interview of one of their guys where he talks more about it [2].



[1]!/connected-world [2]