Dear all, Is Riot capable of handling images taken by an external module and transmitting them? Of course this also depends on the hardware but I would like to know thats possible at the os level. Thank you in advance!

Best, Ilias

Hi Ilias, what do you mean by “image”? what do you mean by “external module”? If you gave a concrete example, it would help. Best, Emmanuel

Hi, I apologise my question was really too abstract. Could it be possible to use a riot device(more or less the most common devices are m3, m0) connected to a camera( a raspi cam, or even a usb camera) take a picture and forward the picture to a more powerful computer for further processing? For example there is a windows iot with raspberry face recognition project. Of course I am not comparing rasp with an m3 or m0 device and thats the reason that the processing will take place in a more powerful machine, but just taking a picture and forward it. Thank you in advance! Best, Ilias

Hi Ilias,

in general this should be well possible. But of course it depends on some factors, e.g. the network/link layer technology used (e.g. limited throughput of IEEE802.15.4), the camera interface, the image resolution/size, and of course the timing requirements.

As of know, RIOT does not support any camera module. So you would need to implement some device driver(s) for the module of choice. Also there is no USB support in RIOT (yet), so this would also need to be addressed when you want to use USB cameras.

However, on first sight it seems to me, that there are quite some simple i2C and SPI camera modules on the market, for which it should be easy to write/port a driver to RIOT.

Cheers, Hauke