How to make my boards appear in the info-boards-supported list


I want to run tests on my SODAQ board(s), but they don't appear in the output of make -C examples/hello-world info-boards-supported

What are they missing?

Hi Kees,

This is not normal, they should appear. This is a bug in the build system. I tried locally and could reproduce.

The best would be to open an issue on GitHub that describes the problem.



I bisected and found the origin in [1], we are investigating. Cheers,



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OK thanks for looking into this.

A quick-and-dirty investigation shows these boards that could potentially be missing.

adafruit-clue arduino-mkr1000 arduino-mkrfox1200 arduino-mkrwan1300 arduino-mkrzero arduino-nano-33-ble feather-m0 nrf52840dongle sodaq-autonomo sodaq-explorer sodaq-one sodaq-sara-aff sodaq-sara-sff

It's because of bootloader_arduino and the following lines in makefiles/

ifeq (,$(filter stdio_cdc_acm,$(USEMODULE))) # The arduino and nrfutil bootloader features cannot be used if the # stdio_cdc_acm module is not used FEATURES_BLACKLIST += bootloader_arduino FEATURES_BLACKLIST += bootloader_nrfutil endif

It thinks that stdio_cdc_acm is not included in USEMODULE

But the strange this is: USEMODULE **does** contain stdio_cdc_acm

$ echo 'print: ; @echo "$(USEMODULE)"' | BOARD=sodaq-autonomo make --no-print-directory -C examples/hello-world -f Makefile -f - print auto_init auto_init_usbus board boards_common_samd21-arduino-bootloader boards_common_sodaq core core_init core_msg core_panic core_thread_flags cortexm_common cortexm_common_periph cpu event isrpipe newlib newlib_nano newlib_syscalls_default periph periph_common periph_gpio periph_init periph_init_gpio periph_init_pm periph_init_usbdev periph_pm periph_usbdev pm_layered sam0_common_periph stdio_cdc_acm sys tsrb usb_board_reset usbus usbus_cdc_acm

Oh, I see it got fixed in #14129