How can i find my required module and the name of module?

Could you please let me know how can i find my required module and the name of module in order to write in front of "USEMODULE "?

I tried using “”, But i couldn’tunderestand for example how the following names are chosen:

USEMODULE += saul_reg USEMODULE += saul_default USEMODULE += auto_init_saul

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Samira,

the general rule is, that the module name you have to use in your Makefile is the same than the folder name of the implementation, e.g. USEMODULE += saul_reg means to include RIOT/sys/saul_reg/* to your project, or USEMODULE += dht includes the drivers/dht/* temp sensor driver. There are however some exceptions: networking modules you find under RIOT/sys/net for example. Further we have a number of pseudo-modules, being basically empty modules that have no code connected to them directly, but pull in dependencies. Have a look at RIOT/Makefile.pseudomoules for a list of those.

Cheers, Hauke