Home temperature sensor nodes

I have been working on a RIOT based temperature sensor for my home assistant for a while now. The first prototypes are finished and I have documented and published them.

You can probably trace back a lot of my posts on this forum to this project, lets just say that the forum has been useful.

The sensor node

For the sensor node I used the E104-BT5040U, a bluetooth/802.15.4 usb dongle.dongle

Together with a BMP280 sensor.

These were soldered together

and put in a 3d-printed case.

Software and networking

I used one of the dongles as a border router and the rest of the nodes publish their sensor data using CoAP. These CoAP messages are then received by a custom bit of python code and send to my home assistant over MQTT.

The software can be found on github:

And the casing on thingiverse:

I have put some more of my thoughts and explanations on my own website:

This was my first actual riot project and feedback is more than welcome.


This is a really cool project! What steps do you need to configure on the home assistant side to show the temperature as a sensor entity?

In my home assistant I have configured a single sensor like this:

- platform: mqtt  
  name: Zolder Temperatuur  
  state_topic: culex/zolder/temp  
  unit_of_measurement: C

That is all that was required.

Iā€™m closely following this one, since Iā€™m currently in the progress of making something very similar: a network of nodes that monitor the temperature of several rooms in my house all year long, and then send it to a server that will collect the data and display graphs on a webpage.

Your approach looks a bit different than the one I had in mind, but maybe I should move out of my comfort zone and try CoAP? Seems like the right tool for the job.