Help: new IoT project bootstrap

Hi everyone, I’m new to the users list and, first of all, I would like to compliment the whole community for the work on RIOT, I literally fell in love with the project.

I am the CTO of a startup with HQ in the Bay Area, we are working on an IoT project and we are currently bringing the hardware to manufacturing.

On the software side, we have been prototyping till now with arduino-like frameworks and we are in the process of locking the final hardware components and choosing our software stack.

I would love to pick RIOT as our OS and I’m looking for someone, in the bay area, that can help us bootstrap the solution, maybe as a contractor, and eventually join the team full time.

Some more details: The micro of choice is an ARM Cortex M4, the STM32F415. We are still in the process of picking a wifi and BLE chip (we are working with Broadcom) and we are open to suggestions.

High level features of the core firmware are:

  • Wifi config done sending credentials over BLE
  • CoAP/cbor communication with our backend infrastructure
  • basic Bonjour/mDNS implementation (to be discovered from the mobile app)
  • simple HTTP server on the device to get rest call from a mobile app
  • OTA update of the firmware

Any feedback is appreciated, every technical decision is still open for discussion.

Thanks! Massimo