Help need

Hi, My name is Saurabh Chaudhari, I am a Final year student. I have worked previously with MSP430 variants and Arduino boards. I am interested in participating in GSOC this year and I found "riot" as an organization matching my intrests. I would like to start actively contributing to riot and so I would be grateful if I could get a few heads up regarding how to get started with the code-base and the reference documents.

Regards, Saurabh Chaudhari

Hi and welcome to RIOT!

To get started I would recommend looking around in the RIOT wiki [1] for starters. Especially the wiki pages on development procedures [2] and contribution guidelines [3] might be most interesting. As next step we encourage everyone to start out with small pull requests to get familiar with the RIOT code base and processes. A good starting point is to look at issues labeled with 'Newbie-task-candidate' [4] and try to fix them. Also looking around for missing/broken doxygen headers is a good one to get started.

Let us know where we can help you further!

Cheers, Hauke

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