GSoC status

Hello fellow developers, Will there be public status updates from the GSoC projects during their work or will all be revealed at the end of summer? I am interested in all three projects and would like to know if I can support the students in any way.

What is the time period that the students will be working on this?

Best regards, Joakim Gebart Managing Director Eistec AB

Aurorum 1C 977 75 Luleå Tel: +46(0)730-65 13 83

Hi Joakim,

GSOC students will start this month and will work until August – hopefully they will have so much fun that they will stick with the community afterwards too :wink:

During their work, GSOC students are supposed to interact with the community at various levels, so the plan is it will be possible to follow their progress continuously.

In particular, one way to follow progress should be to check their GitHub and regularly checkout their branches (just like for any other community member).

Note that we encourage breaking down the work into incremental, smaller PRs, so you are warmly invited to review when the time comes :wink:

And for more info, just like any other community member, GSOC students can of course be contacted either through this list, on GitHub, or PM via email IM etc.