[GSoC 2015] Question about project idea

Hi everyone,

My name is Dmitrii Petukhov. I am a 3rd year student at the Saint-Petersburg State University, majoring in Software Engineering. I’ve been successfully participated on GSoC 2014 with Banshee project.

I’d like to add support for HTTP/2 in RIOT-OS. Is it suitable for IoT oriented OS? Are maintainers interested in this feature?

If so, then we could discuss it further and I could tell you more about myself. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Dmitrii Petukhov

Hi Dimitrii,

welcome to RIOT! I think generally support for HTTP/2 is something that could be very interesting to RIOT. Although I think that HTTP/2 is probably only an option for the upper scale of devices in terms of memory and processing power, there might be quite some use cases where support might come in handy.

Implementing HTTP/2 as project during GSOC there might be one practical problem though. We are at the moment heavily restructuring the RIOT network stack. Although the first parts are almost ready, I can’t quite tell when we will actually have a stable TCP implementation again, which could be a major risk to this project.

But I think it makes definitely sense to spend some more thoughts on this. I would recommend that you share your first thoughts on a general architecture as well as a rough time plan for the implementation with the community, so we can evaluate the feasibility of the project.

So I think this would be a great project, we just need to be very cautious if it is doable (especially as this depends on external factors…).

Let us know where we can help!

Cheers, Hauke