GSoC 2015 - Porject S2: RIOT as an RPython module


My name is Damian Martinez and I’m from Spain. I’m interested in apply for this project because I have good knowledge about Python, C and embedded systems and I’m interested in IoT too. I am studying IT Engineering and I made some projects related with this kind of things, for instance an inclinometer for hospital beds’ using an Arduino Uno, a Raspberry Pi and XBee modules for communication, or a DTMF encoder/decoder using a Raspberry Pi. For these projects I always use Python and C and I used a lot of sensors like accelerometer or RTC.

Finally I want to say that I know nothing about RIOT OS but now I want to learn more about it working on this project or by my own.

Hi Dami�n,

welcome to RIOT (and sorry for the late reply…).

If you are still interested, the next step for you would be to prepare a short application [1][2]. The main part of the application consists of your proposed (high-level) project plan. Maybe have also a look at our last dev-meeting minutes [3] for some more information.

Furthermore we would like to see some first involvement with RIOT by contributing a (simple) pull request to RIOT. The purpose of this is to get you an idea of how the community works and what RIOT development is about. Have a look at our development procedures [4] and contributing guidelines [5]. The easiest way to get involved is by looking at issues marked as ‘Newbie-Task-Candidate’ and to fix one (or more) of them.

Let us know if you have more specific questions!

Cheers, Hauke

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]