Gopher & Gemini Protocol

Reading about the lightweight protocol Gopher, I am curious if these text-based protocols could run on a RTOS:

text-based protocols could run on a RTOS:

Could? Certainly – at least Gopher, Gemini only when TLS support is here.

Whether it makes a lot of sense is a different question. Gopher IMO is outdated for good.

A renderer the text/gemini would certainly be possible for RIOT devices with a GUI (the pinetime comes to mind). Implementing the Gemini protocol woud depend on TLS for which there is an open issue. Accessing Gemini through a Gemini-CoAP-cross-proxy might mitigate that shortcoming.

Personally I don’t see too much promise in Gemini (I think it’d go over much better if they put a bit more effort into their 2.5 FAQ item), but that’s not to stop anyone from working with it on RIOT.

Thanks chrysn! Upon reading the 2.5 FAQ item, I can see how that might be a bit open-ended and hard to define, but I think it’s a sound idea/project and think it has potential.