Google Summer of Code 2015

Hi everyone,

we are happy to announce that RIOT was selected as mentoring open source organization for Google Summer of Code 2015.

In short: this means that students are welcome to apply for (paid) project work in this context, to further develop RIOT, over the summer. For more details see [1].

Don’t hesitate to forward this call for applications to students you know who may be interested in RIOT, and/or to apply if you are a student yourself!

Student application opens March 16th and closes March 27th. But note that if you plan to apply, we recommend that you come forward even before this period, to share/shape ideas for your project (see process/templates below). Basically: you should engage a technical discussion with the RIOT community on, as soon as possible.

Templates for applications form can be found at [2], and GSOC project ideas for RIOT can be found at [3]. Note that these are just suggestions, and that you are welcome to propose your own project ideas!



[1] [2] [3]

We have been getting quite a lot of students introducing themselves on the mailing lists now. How many students can be accepted? Who decides on which students are accepted? Google or RIOT?

Best regards, Joakim

Hi Joakim,

As far as I understood, it goes like this. RIOT ranks the students that apply. Google decides N students are funded for RIOT. In the end, the N first ranked students are selected for GSOC 2015.

Best, Emmanuel