Gnrc_sock_ip periodic message

Hi there!

I’ve tried to send ip/udp periodic message from remote node by sock API:

void* ip_handler(void *arg){
        sock_ip_ep_t remote = { .family = AF_INET6 };
        ssize_t res;
    while (1) {
                char text[127];
                sprintf(text, "payload");
                res = sock_ip_send(NULL, text, strlen(text), PROTNUM_IPV6_EXT_HOPOPT, &remote);
                if (res < 0) {
                    printf("Error sending reply = %d\n", res);
                ztimer_sleep(ZTIMER_MSEC, 2000);  
    return NULL;

So it work pretty well along with gnrc_border_router + ethos. But when I set off the BR, the node had stopped sending a message without any errors after some time. Should I use raw netapi for solving this problem?