Hi all,

I am using the gnrc BR and I have another node running the gnrc_networking example. I did some modifications on the main.c of the gnrc_networking, I replaced the lines 44-46 [1] with the line: _netif_config(0, NULL); . After that I execute some threads. My question is why I cannot ping the node running the gnrc_networking example with this modifications I did. Moreover, I can’t see the node on the ncache of the BR. I was able to ping and see the node in BR’s ncache when I used the gnrc_networking example as it is. Any suggestions??? Thank you in advance!


Hi Ilias,

you removed the shell, and doing so you also removed the main loop. So basically your program hits return 0 and terminates - which likely happens very fast after reboot. With this the RIOT-Kernel, network stack and everything stops working, so no logic remains to answer any pings or so.

I don't know what your goal is, but if you look at the microcoap example here [0] (line 44-47), you'll see it does the same: no shell and it has this _netif_config line, too. But instead of hitting return 0 it enters `microcoap_server_loop()` which keeps running forever.

Best, Sebastian


Hi Sebastian!

Hi Oleg,

you're probably right; I also missed that and also ignored Ilias statement:

After that I execute some threads.

@Ilias: what are those threads doing, are they working as expected?

Best,   Sebastian

Thank you all for your replies, @Sebastian, I have the loop in the udp.c and when I use the make term I see that one of my threads is running. That’s the strange thing!!!

@ Sebastian the first one is the udp.c where I execute an interval so every 2 minutes I send a message. The second one is empty right now.

Hi again, The problem is probably on the Br, after sending two udp messages, 4 bytes each with two minutes difference, I am not able to see the node in the br’s ncache. I am using the br of miri64, I can’t find the email where she mentioned that the br doesn’t remove records. Anyone using the br without problems? Thank you in advance!