GNRC Network Stack | Packet Trace

Hello, I would like to get a packet trace when it is received by a node. I am aware that packet send/receive is basically done via same module, issue #7340 (

I also have an issue which I posted #10186 (, although the discussion is more focused on sending process. I was able to find something regarding that (sending, specifically for UDP), but, I am not able to find anything related to receiving a packet.

My aim is to find the time it takes for a node to process the received packet i.e. the time it takes to travel the GNRC Network stack. And if in the process I get to know about the time taken by each layer that would be awesome. I am aware that @PeterKietzmann said an out of the box solution is possible (issue #10186). I would really appreciate if someone can share an existing application or an idea.

Thank you


Navneet Pandey