gnrc_border_router issue on OpenMote-cc2538

Hi all, I’m trying to play with the RIOT shell console and networking starting from the gnrc_border_router sample. I plugged the openmote device through USB to the Ubuntu machine, but when i try to run the RIOT shell (on the mote) with pyterm, it shows me :

"RIOT border router example application " “All up, running the shell now”

but i can’t enter any command because the shell doesn’t respond. If instead i build the project as “native” it works perfectly.

There is a quick solution?

thanks a lot and BR, Alessandro

Hi Alessandro, have you checked out the README? You have to run the gnrc_border_router example with the dist/tools/ethos/ script, since it parallelises stdio and network traffic over the same UART. With pyterm your input might be interpreted as network packets.

Cheers, Martine

Hi Martine,## I am unable to ping gnrc_border_router using Zolertia RE-Mote.

Following is the output of my system terminal.

Hi Suman, seems my mail on users didn’t get to you, since I used the wrong mail address to send it from. Well then let me paste my answer here too:

looks like you only got the ethos interface running. Did you include and configure the radio driver (question to the list: is the radio driver for the cc2538 already merged yet, wasn’t able to find it :/)? Nevertheless you should be able to ping the ethos interface. Try ping6 -I tap0 fe80::202:f8ff:fe70:f121 or ping6 fe80::202:f8ff:fe70:f121%tap0 (depends on your ping6 version) on your Linux machine.

Cheers, Martine

Thanks Martine.

Now I am able to ping border router from Linux system. Before I was trying to ping global ipv6 address 2001:db8::202:f8ff:fe70:f121. Just would like to know that when boarder router gets global ipv6 address.