git howto for a correct pulls

hi devs,

i still had some troubles with git, and create correctly branched pulls. this is the best command line based tutorial I found - and now even I seem to understand :slight_smile:

i still did not find the correct way to add TAGS to pulls - can anyone give me a hint on that ?

have fun

Hello Jan,

Hi Jan,

maybe you already saw this but github provides a guide to its workflow. [1] Its well illustrated, hope it helps.

Best, Thomas



unrelated to RIOT, but for the sake of completeness, there is also the native git command git request-pull [1], which let’s you generate a pull request message that you can send per email to e.g. a mailing list.

[1] Best, Cenk

why i am always feeling stupid using git... hub...

in my naive way of thinking

git clone < me

-- if sync needed git remote add upstream git fetch upstream

Hi Jan,

Just to clarify: For the normal GitHub workflow you interact with at least 3 repositories: your local, the origin (your fork on GitHub) and the upstream (at RIOT-OS/RIOT). Other workflows, as for example the one employed by Git itself require only interaction with 2 repositories: your local and the central at The review process is done via the Mailinglist by sending the patches to them with git request-pull and integrating them to the central repository by the maintainer with git am.

(and sorry for the double-post to you and the mailinglist ^^")

Thanks for your support and “nerves”

  • of course thebitbucket address would be my forked address/

I am using diff | pgp as version control system with vim IDE, hehe :slight_smile:

I was coding mostly on my own, maybe together with 3 people max, cvs, subversion - I used it - had my problems - created my sh scripts for it - and forget about any kind of native syntax -> that was also my plan for github, hehe

sorry for loosing continence a bit :slight_smile:

and dont get me worng - i did some pulls requests already - I think I did a misstake by deleting my github fork: < problem here I deleted the fork form my github user and therefore it says

fswarm wants to merge 9 commits into RIOT-OS:master from unknown repository <<< unknown

and I am unable to edit the files anymore.

so I just want to do it right and not beeing able to … grrr :]



hehe yeah retrospective is easy :slight_smile:

ps. but if u find time please tell me what to do. My misstake was to not create a brench on my fork
thats it. now i want to do it with the command lines i pasted. yes to not present my like a fool i will create a 2nd github account uploading riot code - and pulling correctly brenched code to the 2nd user…testing… mutch crypto, random and corresponding UTs to be PRed this week :]

pps. my solution for #2312 would be to - “re-add” the changed final files - as new pull with correctly brenched copy of my forked github.


Yes, sadly GitHub does not support reassigning a PR to a new reference (aka branch in a broader sense)… So the only way to do this is to close the existing one and reopen it as a new one.