Flashing MSP430 based board CM5000MSP


I was trying to run an example program (hello-world) on the MSP430 based board to test out riot-os, but flashing is failing -

make BOARD=msb-430 flash with following error usbutil: unable to find a device matching 15ba:0031

The device is connected directly to USB port and I believe it is using FDTI driver (USB-RS232).

lsusb shows - Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0451:8142 Texas Instruments, Inc. TUSB8041 4-Port Hub Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0451:8142 Texas Instruments, Inc. TUSB8041 4-Port Hub Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC Bus 004 Device 003: ID 0451:8140 Texas Instruments, Inc. Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0451:8140 Texas Instruments, Inc.

but the make flash is trying to use mspdebug -j olimex “prog myihex”

so I believe the programmer is olimex (google shows JTAG based programmer).

So, how can I flash riot-os in the device over the FDTI?

P/S: I was able to flash contiki os in it over the FDTI driver.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Shovon,

we don't have a board "CM5000MSP" in RIOT. Do you mean TelosB? We have a couple of MSP430 based boards in RIOT. Some, e.g. MS*B*-430H need the Olimex debugger. Some don't, e.g. TelosB. You need to build and flash for the correct BOARD and obviously the board must be supported by RIOT.

Best Peter

Hello Peter, Thanks for quick response. Yes, The board is TelosB. And AFAI understand the board is supported by riot-os.

But I was unable to flash it as it uses mspdebug tool which in turns uses the Olimex programmer.

Is it mandatory for the board? Thanks again. Regards,


the TelosB is supported by RIOT, yes. And it does not need an Olimex adapter cause it has a "GoodFET" jtag adapter on board. The script RIOT/dist/tools/goodfet/goodfet.bsl is called by the "make flash" command.

Did you try "BOARD=telosb make clean all flash"? It worked for me without any problems.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

I think I used make BOARD=msb-430 instead of telosb. May be I mistakenly used MC model as board because in my cause the script was different than you mentioned.

I will check it and confirm it.

Thanks again for the direction.

Hello Peter,

Thank you again for your direction, it flashed correctly using goodfet programmer.

However there is no output in the pyterm if I reset the device.

sudo …/tools/pyterm/pyterm -b 115200 -p /dev/ttyUSB0 No handlers could be found for logger “root” 2016-07-05 12:44:31,199 - INFO # Connect to serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 Welcome to pyterm! Type ‘/exit’ to exit.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards,


alternatively you could try to

(i) flash an example using a shell, e.g. RIOT/examples/default, after connecting with pyterm (make term) type 'help'

or (ii) once you are connected via pyterm, open an other terminal and flash your device again

Best Peter