Flash rust-hello-world on esp32

I am trying to flash the rust-hello-world example onto the esp32-wroom-32 board. However, I kept getting this message

There are unsatisfied feature requirements: rust_target
/media/duich1605/extras/projects/iot/Tutorials/RIOT/examples/rust-hello-world/../../Makefile.include:1027: *** You can let the build continue on expected errors by setting CONTINUE_ON_EXPECTED_ERRORS=1 to the command line.  Stop.

The command is:

make BOARD=esp32-wroom-32 PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 all flash term

I can run the example on native, but not on the board. Does anyone know why?

That error message means the board you want to use does not have the required features.

You can see what boards are supported by running:

make info-boards-supported

Just select a board from this list and you should be fine!

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I think @mcr and @j-devel have some experience with Rust with RIOT on esp32,

– You can already run chrome with --enable-quic switch to enable it and go to chrome://net-internals/#quic to see nothing.

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We do, however, our Rust esp32 example is based on our different toolchain setup than RIOT/examples/rust-hello-world, so I guess this rust_target issue is not necessarily related, FYI

It might be enough to define the Rust target, but @chrysn should know more.

Rust on RIOT is not yet supported on ESP32, primarily because a) I don’t have any boards to test it, and b) because there is still no upstream support for the Xtensa in rustc. (Where a) is influenced by the sad circumstance that one needs nonfree blobs to even get an ESP32 to run.)

There is a PR around at Compile for esp32(s2,c3,..) by Remmirad · Pull Request #20 · RIOT-OS/rust-riot-sys · GitHub, for the RISC-V boards, but quite frankly I’m having a hard time finding out whether even our esp32-wroom-32 board is even Xtensa or RISC-V – where is that (CPU_FAM?) even set?

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Well, on this, I will give up on flashing rust on esp32 for now, maybe I will go back for the board in the future, in the meantime, I will find a compatible board. Thank you for your response.