Features for the next release

Hi everyone,

A new RIOT release is planned for Christmas!

In preparation for this, we plan a sprint until Dec. 1st, at which point we’ll switch to feature-freeze mode, and bullet-proof until the release.

If it sounds like funtime to you leading to Christmas, and you are interested in participating in the sprint, please indicate/update the feature(s) you work on in the wiki https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Release:-2014.12



Is there an issue in the tracker which all the planned features and fixes slated for this release depend on or block? Wiki entries are great but they can easily end up being tombs of quasi-outdated information. Issues in a tracker on the other hand tend to be far more well curated.

I’m sorry if something like this has already been done or decided against, I’m on the train home and catching up on emails via my phone with its beautifully cracked screen.



Hi Adam,

That’s almost exactly what I had in mind. When I’m back at my workstation (as opposed to the pub) I’ll take a closer look at the milestones. I had planned on looking around to see if I could find a reasonably canonical rundown on the (planned) future of RIOT but I must have gotten distracted by sometime shinny, this appears to be exactly what I was looking for.




sorry if this sounds a bit philosophical, but: As RIOT is not only a project of it's own, but also a component of other projects, there are plans which are not manifest in RIOT's issue tracker, but in the respective projects project management tools. Of course, these plans merge in RIOT's issue tracker at some point..

Cheers, Ludwig

Dear rioting IoTlers,

I scanned through all open issues for the next release [1] and updated the list in the wiki [2]. Since the originally planned feature freeze was *yesterday*, we should decide quickly which of the listed features and bugfixes we really see as *required* and *realistic* for this release.

Please re-evaluate carefully all issues that might somehow effect your work and check if it's feasible to complete the work on it within the next *seven* days.

Please check also if you find something missing in the list in the wiki that should definitely make it into the release.

Cheers, Oleg

[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/milestones/Release%202014.12 [2] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Release:-2014.12

Hello RIOTers, Is there any known status on the Linux Border router. We are looking for a Linux Border implementation that’d talk to our RIOT nodes and we can (aspire to) take up this project if we get to know the state it is in and move us from our current state. Unless ofcourse there is a better solution to get the packets to the Internet.


Hello Akshay,