Failed to build "hello-world" example for native

Hello guys,

I face a build error problem when I try to build the hello-world example for native.

I work on Ubuntu 16.04LTS on a virtual machine.

Welcome @noyelseth. We are more or less in the middle of the effort of moving from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 as our recommended system, so I don’t think we have official support for Ubuntu 16.04 anymore. Since you are on a VM, would it be possible for you to move to Ubuntu 18.04 and try again?

Try make BOARD=native (instead of board=native)

You probably also want to add term:

BOARD=native make term

Works on 19.04. Can’t speak about support for 16.04. It might be deprecated like Miri said.

Ps. for future reference: it’s easier for everybody if you copy paste the console output and place it in code-brackets, instead of uploading a screenshot. Less work for you, more readable for others :wink:

For linux/gpio.h installing linux-libc-dev should also do the trick.

Thanks Guys,

It’s working on Ubuntu 20.04.