Fail to set up tcp connection with openthread.

Hi, I’m having a trouble to set up a tcp connection with openthread stack.

The openthread stack is working fine. I can send and receive messages, form and join Thread networks and use the most features of a thread minimal end-device.

The problem is when i try to set up a tcp connection. No messages are sent over openthread. TCP stack debug shows that messages are forward until ipv6 thread, but it’s raising timeout (> gnrc_tcp.c : gnrc_tcp_close() : CONNECTION_TIMEOUT).

Messages don’t reach the openthread netdev. On tcp event_loop i got:

gnrc_tcp_eventloop.c : _event_loop() : GNRC_NETAPI_MSG_TYPE_SND gnrc_tcp_eventloop.c : _event_loop() : MSG_TYPE_RETRANSMISSION

Does anyone know how to handle this problem?