Facebook page for RIOT


I have created a page on Facebook for fellow developers and users to discuss RIOT-OS. I am also co-organiser of Internet Of Things club in Bangalore, India. I have used the Logo from the official website. I hope that’s ok.


Above is the link to it. Please subscribe and help the community.

If the having a facebook page isn’t something you guys like. Please let me know, I shall take it down.

Dear Dayananda,

  thanks for your interest in RIOT and your help in promotion!

  Could you rename the facebook group to reflect that it is related to a user group, e.g., "RIOT-OS - user group india"? We currently don't have enough capacity to work on all OSN channels, and think that fits more to your audience.

  We could offer you to automatically post Twitter messages to your fb page.

  Just one additional remark. The operating system is called "RIOT" and not RIOT-OS or RIoT-OS.

Thanks   matthias

Hi Matthias,

Thanks a lot for the inputs. I have renamed the page to reflect the same. Please check again and let me know if it’s ok. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RIOT-user-group-india/590104997739278

And it will be really great if twitter feeds come on this FB page. Nothing like it :slight_smile:

Regards, -Daya

Hi Daya,

great! Some complementary feedback:

Can you replace the logo with the square version http://d3uifzcxlzuvqz.cloudfront.net/images/stories/jreviews/1494_riot-sos1-1366750979.png which will fit better the fb avatar constraints.

For websearch purposes, I also suggest you alter slightly the name of the fb page by adding spaces around the “-” so that it becomes simply: “RIOT - user group India”.

Adding the URL http://www.riot-os.org also in the “about” section would be useful.

Concerning Twitter sync: how about you send me (private email better of course :wink: the login:pass for your RIOT fb page and I will set up link Tweeter so that the fb page mirrors the tweets?





Hi Daya, OK,great. I’ve connected Twitter and Facebook pages, so that RIOT Twitter posts are automatically mirrored on the RIOT - user group India Faceboook page. So here we go! Cheers Emmanuel