Externalizing a board

Hey RIOT users! I need your help: Is it still / somehow possible to externalize a board? There is the external module guide, but I didn't manage to quite get it to work. We have a board that is not available for buying, but open source, therefore I think integrating it into RIOT might not be quite useful? Or should I still make a PR for this?

Furthermore, can I integrate a tool externally as well?

Best Regards, Robert

Hi Robert,

I had the same issue a while ago with my own board based on the nrf52840. My solution[1] works by setting the `BOARD` and the `RIOTBOARD` variable in the application makefile pointing to the local repository clone containing the custom board files. Is this something that could also work for your case?

Cheers, Koen

[1]: https://github.com/bergzand/boards_dmn/