Experimenting with MQTT-SN

I got the Asymcute example running on my board (a NodeMCU LUA). Could never figure out how/where to set the TX/RX pins for the shell interface, but just tried connecting to ttyusb1 at 115200 and got a prompt - all good so far. I installed rsmb on a Raspberry Pi (connected to my Fritzbox WLAN/wifi) and am now stuck trying to connect to the broker from the Asymcute shell.

"connect 0"

fails with

"error: unable to pass gateway address"

I suspect I have missed a step, like, not telling riot my Fritzbox address or security stuff? Where/how would/should I do that?

Hi Trevor,

you need to use IPv6 addresses, IPv4 is not supported by RIOT in this example. That's why it cannot pass the gateway address as per error message. Also note, as described in the README you cannot use link local addresses (fe80::xyz) but need to use global or ULA IPv6 addresses.

As you have a Fritzbox it should already provide an ULA IPv6 prefix to your network. Just check on your Raspberry Pi, it should have an address starting with `fd..` something, run `ip addr show` on the RasPi and look for a line like:

  inet6 fd.... scope global

If that is present, the RasPi has a proper IPv6 address that you can use as the gateway address for connect - note it must be scope global not link!

Best,   Sebastian