Example Application for testing microcoap in RIOT?


I have included microcoap as an external pkg in RIOT OS, but getting some frustrating warnings from RIOT as the followings:

/RIOT/pkg/microcoap/microcoap/coap.c:68:26: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]          if (4 + hdr->tkl > buflen)

/RIOT/pkg/microcoap/microcoap/coap.c:354:5: warning: comparison is always true due to limited range of data type [-Wtype-limits]      if (value<=0xFF+13)                           ^

However, I was looking for libcoap example application in RIOT, for instance, testing a client application with microcoap server. I notice that RIOT has supports for libcoap, but no example application there to play with it.

Kind Regards, Hasan

Hi Hasan, can you open a Pull Request on GitHub, so we can review and discuss your port there?