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I am currently working on RIOT with Atmel R21 boards. I want to ask you which branch should I use for my BR and if its possible some tips for the configuration.I tried the ethos_br branch [1], I configured based on [2].After that I was able to ping only the interface 6,serial and not the interface 5,wireless. In the fibroute I added default route pointing affe::1(my computers interface) and still nothing.In my Computers routing table there are records for both affe:: and abcd:: .

Please my current "implified border router" branch [1].

Compile, flash, then start "" as follows: sudo sh /dev/ttyXXX tap0 affe::/64

Make sure your Linux node has any non-link-local address configured on any interface. If in doubt, add e.g., beef::1 to "lo".

Then, once running, at the ethos shell, configure affe::/64 on the router's 6lowpan interface. Make sure to use the node's eui64 as last 64bit of its address.

E.g., my node has "fe80::5855:4443:9918:b576" on interface 5, so I configure the prefix as "ifconfig 5 add affe::5855:4443:9918:b576".

RIOT still won't aswer pings to "affe::5855:4443:9918:b576" unless they come from interface 5, but now other RIOT nodes should be pingable.