ethernet with RIOT-OS


I’m new to RIOT-OS and would use it in the practice part of my master thesis, where I would connect an embedded board with a ethernet-network.

I think that the UDOO-Board (Cortex-M3 part) might be a good choise? However with RIOT-OS, is there a driver for Ethernet available?

I’m glad if somebody can help me!


Consider the Sam R21 board instead it has got an addon Ethernet extension board available

OK, thank you!


there is currently no Ethernet support in RIOT (although it is planned for the near future). Driver-wise there's at least one branch in Hauke Petersen's repo called add_driver_enc28j60 which is reportedly untested but should be easy to fix :wink:

Cheers, Ludwig


Ludwig is correct, I started to implement a ENC28J60 driver some time ago [1], but I have never acutally run it... You're welcome to give it a try!

But besides the pure driver, there is a lot of ongoing work right now to restructure large parts of RIOTs networking (so to make it more versatile and efficient). In this process we will also prepare the network stack for ethernet, so maybe you want to follow the progress?!

Cheers, Hauke



first of all, thank you very much Ludwig and Hauke for your responses! I need a ENC28J60 ethernet-module. And which board will be the right choise? Arduino? I have to buy a board but I'm not yet so familiar with embedded boards.

I start with my work in about 3-4 weeks, so I think the process would not have finished at this point, however I will follow the progress!

Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom,

you can find modules with the enc28j60 chip for 1-2$ on ebay and other platforms, should be easy to find. As you can connect the module to a micro-controller board using jumper wires, you can use whatever board you like best. If I should give a recommendation, I would probably go either for a STM32F4discovery or the Arduino Due. Both should be pretty stable and have good support from the community. The Atmel SAMR21-xpro could also be a good choice, as it generates a lot of traction recently and the combination of IEEE802.15.4 and Ethernet (via the external module) could be interesting for further experiments...

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Hauke,

thank you for your detailed reply! This helps me a lot!

Cheers, Tom