Ethernet support issue

Hi all,

Is there any board that riot support the ethernet interface? such as nucleo144-f446?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards Sichen Zhao

Hi Sichen,

sadly for the SoCs of the nucleo devices there is no Ethernet support yet. Currently, we only have support for two externally connected Ethernet adapters [1] [2].

Hope that helps you regardless.

Best Regards, Martine Lenders


I think [1] contains the beginning of a solution.



Ok, thank you, and i noticed that it seems some Nucleo144 board is not available upstream, such as Nucleo144 F446[1].


every board listed in our documentation [1] (or - if you want to get down to the code - in our boards/ directory [2]) are at the moment (though not necessarily fully) supported by RIOT in master. As the Nucleo144 F446 is listed under the Nucleo boards sub-category [3], we support it.

Cheers, Martine

Ok, thank you.

Best Regards

Sichen Zhao